Accidents Happen

Hello all! I just thought I’d just update you on what’s been going on recently. I’m fine and doing well but as you can probably tell things have went very differently than what I expected.

Last Monday (Jan. 23), I got into a car crash while on my way home from one of my karate classes. It was me, my brother Travis, and my dad all in the car. My dad was driving, and as we were headed toward an intersection really close to home, a car on the intersecting road ran a stop sign. She stopped in the middle of the intersection and did not give us enough time to react or swerve out of the way.

Thankfully, we’re all okay. I was in the shotgun seat, and Travis was in the rightmost seat in the back. I suffered a few minor bruises and some neck pain due to the hard stop and me hitting the airbag. Travis suffered from some neck pain, too, and my dad claims that he only suffered a minor headache. Though we’re all physically fine, it turns out that the car is unfixable, and now we have to buy a new one. Really the only lasting effect is a ton of confusion and extra work, as my dad was forced to get a rental and I’m not old enough to drive it. My mom left her car here while she’s on a business trip in Florida, but I digress. The whole vehicle issue thing could be a whole other post itself.

Anyways, I’m glad to be posting here again. I have a few posts lined up that I’m getting started on, so look out for those in the very near future. I should hopefully be developing a posting schedule soon, so that’s also something to look out for. Have a great day, my friends, and remember I’m always open to feedback and ideas from you!!

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