A major milestone has been reached

Hello all, just a short post to tell you about an exciting big step in my writing career. Last afternoon (2/27/17), there was a pleasant surprise as my brother Travis informed me that a package arrived for me. I opened it and discovered that it turned out to be my first ever shipment of my book, The Month Of June!

It’s a surprise since I expected it to arrive on March 7th, as the website projected. But now that they’re here I can get to selling them sooner, and be able to get more money to then put into buying more books.

This really is a milestone for me. This started out as just a story I worked on in my notebook on my free time. And to finally see it materialized in front of me like this is amazing, and shows just how far I’ve come.

You can grab your own copy of The Month of June, too. All of the information about it is right here, with links to different purchasing options at the bottom. 

To all of my followers – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello all! It’s just about 11 at night where I live, so I’m a little late, but still this post is worth making.

This goes out to all the beautiful people who exist on the earth this Valentine’s day. I hope your relationships grow strong and powerful with each coming day. And if you happen to be single, I’m thinking about you too; I hope you have a happy and prosperous life, with or without your ideal partner! Rest assured that I’ll be sending you all good vibes soon.

By the way, my posting should be picking up again soon. I have a big post planned for tomorrow next week that I think you’ll like, and in the coming days I should be posting some of my older work. I want to showcase some of the good ones, and I want to avoid them getting overlooked, if I can. I want all of my work to be seen as good as possible.

I take suggestions for posts too, if you were wondering. If there’s anything you’d like for me to tackle, send it in and I’ll see what I can do! I love every single one of you guys, and I dearly hope that you enjoy my blog.


2017 Update!

Well everyone, believe it or not, we’re already 1 week into 2017. For many, 2016 was a doozy of a year, with many celebrity deaths, a leap day, a summer Olympics, and a very heated and unpredictable presidential election. Now that that’s over, we can all look ahead to the new year and hope that it’s better than the last.

First of all, there’s my posting. It really is a bad habit of mine to have several posts planned and partially typed but never getting around to posting them. That happened to me just last week, actually. I had a post planned filled with thoughts and predictions for 2017, what I think about New Year’s traditions, et cetera. But I waited much too long to post it; now it’s the 8th of January and the line of 2017 predictions has mostly worn off. I may still post it, but if not, I’ll just queue it to post during late December, so then we may look back and see how accurate my predictions are.

Other than that, there are a few things that I’m looking forward to posting on this blog. There’s a lot I’m working on that I think will be very interesting for you to see! Among them are a painting, an ongoing fiction story, and maybe a contest or giveaway, in order to bring awareness to this blog. The new year will bring a lot of new content for you guys, so watch out for that! Posting more often will be in order too, and I hope to formulate a posting schedule, as well.

My First 2 Weeks Of Being An Adult

Adult (v.): To act in a manner common to or expected of an adult, especially if out of obligation or due to transitioning into adulthood.

Adulting. It’s not only a skill, it’s an art. An art that requires an unmatched level of work and dedication. Adulting skills are necessary to have in today’s society, but yet it’s something we all struggle with. Bills, education, sustainable income–nobody wants to do all these things, but alas, our world would not function right if we didn’t do things just because we don’t like doing them. 

As some of you may know, my 18th birthday was just about 2 weeks ago; Saturday, December the 10th. Of course, it’s not like on your 18th birthday the gods come down and bestow upon you the power of adulthood. But in the eyes of the law, I’m as much of an adult as they can come. This, by far, was the most important birthday of my entire life thus far. There was so much riding on it, and I’d been anticipating it anxiously for at least the last 2 years. I was literally counting down the days until the 10th; since the year and a half point, I wouldn’t say “I turn 18 in December next year”, I would say “I turn 18 in 1 year, 6 months, 1 week, 8 hours and 3 minutes”. I was ready to go. In fact, I think I’ll make a separate post about the wait and what it meant to me; if so, I’ll link to it right here.

Adulthood has treated me pretty well so far, thankfully. It wasn’t a big monumentous blowout like I thought it would be, but still, it feels pretty good. I’m just beginning to flex all of my adult muscles and break into my adulting shoes, and since it’s gone so well, I thought I’d share with you guys what’s happened so far.

Let’s see. I was lucky enough for my birthday to land on a Saturday this year, so that’s when my party was. It was just at a Dave & Buster’s, nothing special. It was technically too early to do any official adult stuff, though; when my older brother turned 18, he tried to buy a lottery ticket and they told him he had to be a year and a day, just to make sure. So I mostly waited until Monday, to be safe.

Since then, though, I’ve actually done a lot of adult-ish things. I’ve been able to browse the Internet freely without the need to avoid certain not-safe-for-work content. I also filled out my medical information and gave my consent to be at the student wellness center at my school, something that my mom revoked my access to. Then I also realized that this would really expand my job search, and would make the process a lot easier. Mostly I’ve had a really good time being able to tell people that I’m 18, looking back to my earliest memories and seeing how far I’ve come. Just yesterday (the 23rd), I was able to do my Christmas shopping without having to worry about my local mall’s ‘parental guidance after 5 o’clock’ rule. I purchased my own vape pen, just to see the process, and the guy at the kiosk was super nice about it. And then, last but most importantly, I went to Brookstone and tested out one of their super cool fancy massage chairs. Seriously though, I did do all of these things, and oddly enough, they ID’ed me for the massage chair, but not for the vape.

So yeah, it looks like adulthood is going pretty well, knock on wood. I’ve barely scratched the surface, though, and I’m very curious as to what it has in store for me. I have a lot to learn, really. And although adulthood is a necessary evil, I’ll absolutely do everything in my power to keep my childlike spirit and creativity.

More content for you guys!

Hello, my dear readers. Now, I know that this blog is used as a hub for all of my creative content, and most of you guys enjoy my blog for my writing- and literature-related things. But that’s far from all that I do; there’s a whole other account that has a completely different scope of content.

That would be my YouTube channel. For those of you who want to see more of what I have to offer, or simply enjoy more than just reading blog posts, this is the channel for you! I post videos from my daily life, sort of like vlogs; clips from TV shows and videos that I like; and also some gaming videos occasionally. One of the main things I’m working on is a gameplay series for the famous computer game, The Sims 3. It’s very interesting and if you’ve heard of the game, I highly recommend that you watch it.

Other than that, my channel is very good for taking a better look at my personal life. It has several personal videos on there that I think you’d like. Please check it out if you get the chance!

Just thought I’d give you guys a little update.

Oh, goodness. You’d think that not very much could happen in just the 2 short days since my last blog post, but that is in fact not the case. Lemme tell you how it went down.

I felt perfectly fine after making that last post. I went to bed right afterwards, and woke up the next morning and went to school. Perfectly normal. It’s a rotating schedule, so it started with 5th period, World History. It went well, actually, and we finished watching a movie that I really like. I started to feel kinda sick in the middle of 6th period, though. My stomach felt like it was being tied in knots, and i thought I could just ride it out–but I was so wrong. Long story short, I ended up uncontrollably vomiting during a therapist appointment, causing me so much embarrassment that I retreated back home without doing any of the other things I needed to do. 

After that I just laid in bed, and that’s pretty much where I’ve been ever since. I feel so yucky; my back aches, I’m hungry but don’t wanna eat, and I’ve only gotten up either to be sick again or to get something to drink. I tried sitting in the living room and using my laptop,  but even that is too much. So my only option is to lay here until I eventually feel better.

I really hope this doesn’t affect my ability to post some of the ideas I’ve had recently, or the plans I have for my birthday this Saturday. Please send me some good vibes, as I could really use them right about now. Have a great day, my lovelies!


A Little Bit About Myself: My Family 

Hello again, my dear readers! After my inaugural post on this blog last night, I did some thinking. I was thinking about what I would post, what my readers would like, what would be a good fit for me, et cetera. But then I thought more about how you guys feel. As of now, you have no real idea of who I am, what I’m about, or what my experiences are. So, as in real life, I thought it’d be a good idea to have you all get to know me first, before I delve into all of the plans and ideas that I have. I’ll start with identifying my immediate family, so that you will know who I’m referring to when I say certain names.

I was born on the 10th of December, almost exactly 18 years ago, from the two people you see above. My parents, Tony and Jennifer Rhudd, welcomed me as one of their 3 children. I’m not the only one, though; aside from my older brother, who was born 3 years earlier, I have a twin brother named Travis, as well. I was the first one, and then he came 5 minutes later.

Above, you can see me and my 3 brothers. The one in the middle is Dylan, the oldest one. On the right hand side is Travis, my twin brother, and on the left hand side is me. You’ll see me mention all of these people a lot, so it’ll be good to remember who they are, or to keep this post in mind if you forget who one of them is. More details on everyone, including the people you see here, will be coming in the next few days; if you find yourself wanting to learn more, it’ll all be under the tag “My Family”. More info on other personal things will be coming soon, too! I am also beginning to queue some good non-personal posts I’m creating, so watch out for a whole bunch of new content in the future. Have a great day!

My First Post. Welcome, Everyone!

Hello, my dear readers; I’m very excited to start writing here! Writing and blogging is a passion of mine, and I’m glad to finally have a center for all of my work. This is the first step in a big journey that I’m excited to embark on.

Allow me to introduce myself. In person I’m known as either Hayden or Hayley, but here, I’d like to be called ‘Blu’. As of today, I’m 17 years old, but not for long; my 18th birthday is next Saturday. I live in Delaware, a small state on the east coast of the United States. I have 2 brothers and both of my parents, all of which are prominent figures in my life. I have suffered from a few mental conditions, unfortunately, and although I still have some issues, I’m much, much better off than I used to be.

You’ll see a wide variety of content on this blog. Mainly it’ll be articles, any of my writing or artistic work, or different things about my life and my lifestyle. I will form a schedule for my posting, but for now, I’m going to go through a few ideas that have been building up for the past while. Look out for all that I’m going to post in the future. There will be much more coming in the coming days, so look out for that, and remember you’re always welcome to give me your feedback!