The Wisdom of Crowds – a 1-week long experiment done by me

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” -Confucius

Ah, people. Billions of us have existed and communicated with each other for thousands and thousands of years. And arguably the most important parts of our survival as a species: knowledge, wisdom, and communication. Without those, we would be nowhere.

These ideas are the basis of the famous social concept, The Wisdom of Crowds. Developed by James Surowiecki, it states that if given a large quantity for people to guess the exact amount of, the average of all their guesses will be more accurate than any one individual guess.

It sounds crazy, but it actually works. A BBC documentary as well as a few TEDx videos have been done about this theory. The documentary even demonstrates the theory, when a professor tells students to guess the number of jellybeans in a jar. The average of all their guesses was less than 1% off from the actual number of jellybeans. Additionally, this was done in the early 20th century, where Sir Francis Galton was able to accurately guess the weight of a bull by averaging the guesses from 800 villagers.

Seeing this concept for the first time, it really intrigued me, and naturally, it made me want to try it myself. So that’s exactly what I did. Here is the whole entire process of me replicating this experiment, and analyzing the results!

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The Month Of June–Now available online and in stores!


Hello all! I have some very exciting news to share with you. My book, The Month Of June, has been republished and is now fully available on Amazon and Kindle!

The book is a 112-page novella, best categorized as a teen/young adult contemporary romance. I wrote this back in 2013/2014 when I was going through a very difficult time in life. Hence, this contains a lot of sad or upsetting content that reflects how I felt during the writing process.

The Month Of June is the story of a teenage boy named Daniel. He’s lived in the same area his entire life. Through the several ups and the very many downs, everything went on in his town; his best friend Marcus, his favourite frozen yogurt store, and especially,his bedroom. That all comes to an end when he moves to a new town in a new state. It devastates him, and he shuts himself away emotionally to block out the pain. Then, after the move, he gets to know his new neighbor, a bright young girl named June. He starts off as he normally does; shutting her out and ignoring her attempts to be friends. But it turns out way differently than he expected, and the move turns out to be an experience that he will never forget.

This book was basically stagnant for a long time; I didn’t do much work on it since I had lost confidence. But recently, a few friends of mine read the book and strongly encouraged me to continue doing work on it. So I took the manuscript, reformatted it, and republished it to make it nicer, better, and overall a lot more accessible. I think it’s a very good book, and a good story that a lot of people will want to read! I hope all of you enjoy my work, and I greatly welcome any feedback or reviews any of you have.

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