My First Month As A College Student

I became a college student this week.

Yes, it’s true, and I can imagine what you’re thinking right now. “It’s the end of September! What kind of school are you going to that starts their classes so late?”. And if I were you, I’d be thinking the exact same thing. But I will explain.

My classes did in fact start last month – August 28th, to be exact. It happened, but I’d say that I was quite unprepared for college. The summer was not focused on my education, but rather my excessive sleep and several empty promises. I sort of lost my way, I guess. High school tired me out so much and I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do with myself. I didn’t even decide for sure where I was going to college until early/mid August, and before then, my plan was to just get a job, earn some money and go with the flow. But it wasn’t as easy or as simple as I thought. I had to choose college in order to have some order and a foundation in my life.

A week before classes started and it finally sunk in what was going to happen. College. The official next big step in my life. I’d be looking back at it for my entire life, no doubt. Though I wasn’t prepared and I didn’t like the idea, I decided to just go through the motions, do what I could. “Do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do.”

Well, in short, it wasn’t so hot at first. The first day felt normal in an odd way; I hadn’t at all absorbed what was going on. I wasn’t as there as I should’ve been. The whole week was like that, and I just went along with it, treating it as something that I had to just get up and do. And I thought that that would be the whole college experience, and I was thoroughly disappointed. I felt like I didn’t fit in there, like everyone knew what they were doing besides me.

But things got better on their own. Earlier on I’d agreed with myself that I’d try my hardest to make something out of the college experience, to not squander it and get good grades and to actually do something. So I guess that’s when I started having to implement it. More and more work got assigned, and I had to adapt.

And this week is when I realized, it happened. It wasn’t like I instantly became aware and successful in college life, but that I came to a realization. It was just after class on Wednesday, and I was sitting right outside of the library, and I was thinking about all the things I had done. I just left class early. I worked on my homework and studied by myself. I saw a cute girl and wanted to say hi. I evaluated what my days had been spent doing and I realized: I was a college student. The way I acted and the things I did finally reflected it. At that moment I felt it, and it was different than how I’d felt on the 28th of August. And it was okay.

Now I hope I’ve avoided turning this into a meaningless babble about my recent college experience. But I hope you guys understand my feelings, and I’d love to know if any of you have been through anything similar. Comment below with questions or comments; I love to hear about other people’s experiences as well.

My Quebec Trip – Day 5 (final day)

Parting is such a sweet sorrow! Our last few hours in the province of Quebec, the bus ride home, and then the arrival back at our school. I’m gonna miss this place, but all good things must come to an end. Perhaps I’ll travel here again in the future.


  • Saying goodbye to Annie right after breakfast!
  • The bus ride home was nice, long and relaxing. It was a nice break from the large amount of walking and standing that we’d done over the past few days.
  • Saying goodbye to John, our bus driver. He was really nice and I’m going to hmiss him! I can tell he has a really kind heart.



Dunn’s, a breakfast place we went to on the way out.


To go, as you can see. French toast with cantaloupe, strawberries, and an orange slice.



We stopped at a rest stop, and I chose to go to Quiznos.


I got a chicken, bacon and cheese sandwich on parmesan bread. It was really good!




Nothing! We were home long before dinnertime rolled around.


My favorite part of the day

Honestly, arriving home. The trip was nice, of course, but it was nice to arrive home and get back into the swing of things!



Brooklyn, NY! Feb. 19, 2017

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Hello all! I wasn’t originally going to post about this, but I thought it would be a good idea to because of the good photos I took.

I visited New York on Sunday to go to the Bed-Stuy area with my mom, dad, and twin brother, in order to visit my grandmother. It was a very interesting trip, really. We took the rental car so my dad wouldn’t ding up his brand new one, and hit the road on a 2.5 hour road trip!

On the way there, we made two stops. One to Dunkin’ Donuts, where I got some munchkins and a heart-shaped creme filled donut. They messed up my order on the munchkins, though, so I was left hungry with nothing but those soft squishy air balls that they call ‘glazed donut holes’. The second stop was to an average rest stop. I was going to get a stromboli, but I decided to save my appetite, in order to possibly get some good local food.


After the long drive with me occupying myself with some reading, music, and proofreading one of my works, we arrived. This is the exact spot outside of the townhouse that my grandma lives here. I must admit, this photo was taken on the way out, rather than when we first arrived. Still, after we all walked in, we quickly settled down and got into our normal family conversation.

Here’s a panorama of the main area of the house. Pretty nice, if I may say so myself! I’ve been visiting here at least once or twice a year since I was born, so I know this area very well.

I used to hate coming here. I used to dread the long car rides, the lack of tv or internet, and some annoying relatives, to say the least. I’d groan when I heard it was visiting grandma, and would try to pull tricks to get me to stay home. But now, it’s an accepted necessity, and I even surprised myself with how patient I was this time around. We spent the time talking and catching up, and although it wasn’t much, I actually enjoyed myself.

This video pretty much sums up how the entire visit went. My sweet old grandmother and my family and I, and we all caught up and had a good time. We talked about how much we’ve grown, what we’ve accomplished, general small talk, and as you can see, I told her about my book, The Month Of June.

(A panorama of the bedroom)

It went on like that for a few hours. I took a nice 3-hour nap at around midday, and I also talked to my severely autistic cousin, junior. It really shows how much I’ve matured. I remember many times when I was younger, running around and finding any way I could to entertain myself with my brothers, trying to ignore all family contact. It sort of makes me feel like one of the adults now, being able to sit down calmly and have simple conversations.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do nearly as much as I wanted to. I wanted to take some time to see the Statue of Liberty, Wall St., and possibly the World Trade center. Additionally, the trip ended on a slightly sour note, since before we got out of the city we had a little fender bender that kept us stuck there for another 2 hours or so. But it was still a really good experience, and on the way home I went to a rest stop and tried a Nathan’s hot dog for the first time. The next time I visit, I’ll be sure to do and see much more, and blog about the whole experience right here!

The Month Of June–Now available online and in stores!


Hello all! I have some very exciting news to share with you. My book, The Month Of June, has been republished and is now fully available on Amazon and Kindle!

The book is a 112-page novella, best categorized as a teen/young adult contemporary romance. I wrote this back in 2013/2014 when I was going through a very difficult time in life. Hence, this contains a lot of sad or upsetting content that reflects how I felt during the writing process.

The Month Of June is the story of a teenage boy named Daniel. He’s lived in the same area his entire life. Through the several ups and the very many downs, everything went on in his town; his best friend Marcus, his favourite frozen yogurt store, and especially,his bedroom. That all comes to an end when he moves to a new town in a new state. It devastates him, and he shuts himself away emotionally to block out the pain. Then, after the move, he gets to know his new neighbor, a bright young girl named June. He starts off as he normally does; shutting her out and ignoring her attempts to be friends. But it turns out way differently than he expected, and the move turns out to be an experience that he will never forget.

This book was basically stagnant for a long time; I didn’t do much work on it since I had lost confidence. But recently, a few friends of mine read the book and strongly encouraged me to continue doing work on it. So I took the manuscript, reformatted it, and republished it to make it nicer, better, and overall a lot more accessible. I think it’s a very good book, and a good story that a lot of people will want to read! I hope all of you enjoy my work, and I greatly welcome any feedback or reviews any of you have.

Buy it on Amazon – For the average reader. Paperback, 6″x9″

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Accidents happen!

Hello all! I just thought I’d just update you on what’s been going on recently. I’m fine and doing well but as you can probably tell things have went very differently than what I expected.

Last Monday (Jan. 23), I got into a car crash while on my way home from one of my karate classes. It was me, my brother Travis, and my dad all in the car. My dad was driving, and as we were headed toward an intersection really close to home, a car on the intersecting road ran a stop sign. She stopped in the middle of the intersection and did not give us enough time to react or swerve out of the way. 

Thankfully, we’re all okay. I was in the shotgun seat, and Travis was in the rightmost seat in the back. I suffered a few minor bruises and some neck pain due to the hard stop and me hitting the airbag. Travis suffered from some neck pain, too, and my dad claims that he only suffered a minor headache. Though we’re all physically fine, it turns out that the car is unfixable, and now we have to buy a new one. Really the only lasting effect is a ton of confusion and extra work, as my dad was forced to get a rental and I’m not old enough to drive it. My mom left her car here while she’s on a business trip in Florida, but I digress. The whole vehicle issue thing could be a whole other post itself. 

Anyways, I’m glad to be posting here again. I have a few posts lined up that I’m getting started on, so look out for those in the very near future. I should hopefully be developing a posting schedule soon, so that’s also something to look out for. Have a great day, my friends, and remember I’m always open to feedback and ideas from you!!


A Sonnet About Heartbreak

Hello, my dear readers. I think it’s about time I introduce you to some of my actual literature and creative work. This is a sonnet that I wrote last Friday (Dec. 9, 2016) due to a sudden burst of inspiration. Two weeks ago, I realized that I had been focusing a lot on my long-term writing projects, and hadn’t taken much time, if any, to flex my creative muscles via poems and artwork and such. So I asked a friend of mine what I should write a poem about, and she said “heartbreak”. So I put that in my mental queue of things that I needed to write. I only started writing it on Friday, because that was the day before my 18th birthday, and I wanted to do something memorable to commemorate those last moments. I was thinking hard about what I would do, and then it came to me that it’d be the perfect time to implement the idea. It was originally gonna be a set of 3 poems, but that fell through, since I started writing too late. Anyways, here it is; I really put a lot of thought and meaning into it, so I hope you guys like it.



That what I thought we had leaves me remiss

And my heart cleft into these jagged halves

Still left, right where it’s situated at.

A beautiful thing that we had, a tryst

That let us feel like troubles don’t exist;

I wish you’d granted me a caveat

But you had not the wherewithal for that.

You stole away as if we’d never kissed.

Perhaps you never thought it was real

Or that secrecy made it something bad

But I’d like to know if the love was true.

Yet many things I’d still rather feel

Than to bring upon you anything sad

For deep in me, there is still love for you.